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Faith Lutheran Church

9222 N. Garnett Road, Owasso, OK ~ 918-272-9858 

Prayer Circle

1. Trust in God 2. Pray according to His will 3. Pray for the good of His Kingdom

4. Surrendering of our will 5. Pray against the devil’s wishes


Elmer Schmall diagnosed with Lymphoma, but tumor is gone now after radiation treatments



Charles Goins lung, surgery went well, taking chemo and radiation, doing fine

John Maloy home now, doing well

Doug Nelson new diagnosis of with gravis myasthenia, meds are helping


Ken Smith prostate and bone cancer

Aaron Lund colon cancer, still receiving chemo, Bobbie S.

Hugh Pettit pancreatic cancer, finished chemo, Bobbie S.

Kenny testing for cancer on thyroid growth, Kathey

Sharon stage 4 oral cancer, taking radiation and chemo, Kathey

Cindy cancer, niece of Lorna W.

Health Concerns


Melinda Doering diagnosed with ALS

Beverly Kunze dizzy, having MRI 8-20

Dale Kunze home, doing better

Sheila Bougher trouble walking, test inconclusive

Chuck Hutchison rheumatoid arthritis

Tanya and Kayla Boyce health concerns

Sharon Kriewall in assisted living in Claremore

Mike Weiser praying for peace and comfort, moved to a facility in Jenks

Jeanette Ingberg needs prayers, has fallen a few times, hospice

Loretta and Eugene Reeves at Brookdale Retirement Center, doing well but lonesome

Bobby Shoun home

Norene Heaps Diverticulitis, doing some better

Lynn Ferguson fell, bruised ribs, had several head stitches that were removed 8-14


Ray Sorensen having tests run, Bobby S.

Iris Hershberger having passing out spells, not doing well

Ron Hershberger lots of health issues

Wanda Nelson needs shoulder surgery

Chris Rossman badly broken arm, severe diabetic, pray for healing, Norene H.

Jessica doing well after surgery, daughter of Ruth and Chuck H.

Darleen Duerr heart problems, pacemaker replacement, Kathy Doering

Judy Butterfield congestive heart failure and Parkinson's, Bobby S.

Body of Christ

Our Church and Staff


Youth of the church


Pray for those in Covid-19 self isolation

Pray for peace in our communities

Protection for all church members

Those dealing with family problems.

Our President, our government and military leaders, in doing God’s will

Enhanced public safety at schools

Pray more young people and families will see the need to become Christians

Safety of all servicemen and women and their families

Pray for the morality of our country

All who have mental health issues

All adults and children as they grow in the knowledge of God and His forgiveness

Unemployed, homeless and families in need

Safety for travelers and to have courtesy, sobriety and patience

All caregivers as they care for serious ill loved ones

Expectant mothers and fathers

All husbands and wives to increase their love for each other and their commitment to honor their vows

People without jobs

Prayer of thanks for all church and community volunteers